BrocElite with Curcurmin

BrocElite with Curcurmin

BrocElite with Curcurmin


BrocElite Professional

The only supplement with naturally derived stabilized sulforaphane in the capsule. Available only through a provider in 30 or 60 capsule bottles.

Sulforaphane was discovered in 1992 by researchers at Johns Hopkins University. Since then, there hvae been over 2000 peer-reviewed research papers published on the chemical. But sulforaphane isn’t stable (until now), so all other broccoli supplements have the precursor to sulforaphane called glucorpharin (or sulforaphane glucosinolate).

  • Reduce Inflammation by promoting the anti-inflammatory pathway Nrf-2
  • Encourage Detoxification by working in all three phases of detox
  • Protect + Restore Brain Function by encouraging support of existing neurons and formation of new neurons
  • Powerful Antioxidant and prevention of oxidative stress
  • Anti-aging, Antiviral, Anti-bacterial
  • Promotes Immune Function by increasing activity of killer cells and enhancing bacterial removal of macrophages

Shipping costs 10.99 per order.

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