Frequently Asked Questions

This model of care is delivered via an audiovisual, communication platform over the internet. You will see our provider via a telemedicine platform. Labs or diagnostics can be done in your local area. Depending on the medication prescribed it may be supplied by your local pharmacy or shipped to you by the specialty pharmacy with whom we work. Some medication prescriptions do require limited, intermittent in person visits.
While I do not offer in office appointments home visits may be arranged. The ability for our provider to do a home visit and the cost is dependent on your physical location. Limited prescriptions and therapies may require an in person visit, which if needed, will be a home visit.
At this time I am only licensed to provide services in Texas and may not see patients if they are physically located outside of Texas. If you live outside of Texas and are interested in being seen, please contact us.
Yes. You should continue to work with your primary care or specialty health care provider and continue with your current treatment plan. With your permission we will provide your other healthcare providers updates on your progress so they can work with you as needed to make changes to their prescribed treatment plan.
At this time this is a cash based practice only. In some instances, insurance may be billed for labs, diagnostic tests, and medications; therefore, I will collect your insurance information.
In person visits are required on a limited, intermittent, basis and are dependent on the prescribed medication or therapy. This is to ensure the appropriate monitoring of your care, that you receive the best treatment for your condition and to remain compliant with federal regulations. Examples of therapies that may require intermittent in person visits include, testosterone therapy, weight loss therapies, and the evaluation treatment of some sexually transmitted infections. Evaluation and treatment of sexually transmitted infections may require you to see a local healthcare provider.
To reserve your appointment, you will be asked for a credit card. Your card will be charged for the visit 48 hours prior to the visit. Should you not show up for your appointment and do not cancel 24 hours before, the charge will not be refunded.

We offer four main services. The price will vary for each service. 


1. Functional Medicine Evaluation and Treatment: $225.00 per hour. 

2. HIV Prep: $85.00 per 30 minute visit. 

3. Nutrition Counseling/Health Coaching: $170 per hour. 


The cost for medications, devices, labs, and diagnostic tests not covered by insurance will vary and is in addition to the cost of the visit.


The costs for supplements will vary and is in addition to the cost of the visit. 


The cost for visits, supplements, medications, devices, labs, and diagnostic tests is non-refundable.