Brain Health Assessment and Supplements

Brain Health Assessment and Supplements

Support and Nourish Your Brain 

To maintain optimal health our brains need to be supported through physical exercise, social connection, nutritious foods, hydration, brain stimulating activities such as dancing, learning a new language or playing an instrument. 

Over 5 million persons suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and the number is expected to grow. Now is the time to support yourself by supporting your brain.  

Symptoms of impaired brain health include:

  1. Forgetfulness / Brain Fog 
  2. Poor Memory
  3. Slow Reflexes
  4. Difficulty Focusing 
  5. Difficulty with completing difficult tasks
  6. Feeling down, sad, anxious

Which supplements should you be taking to support your brain? Click the brain icon below to take Dr. Amen’s Brain Health Assessment quiz. 

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